Who's Using Babker
Everyone is using Babker. From Security Companies to Emergency Management Teams.
Babker helps you fill employee call-offs, no-shows and cancellations with reliability and ease.
Check out a few great examples of how Babker helps busy professionals save time.

I'll never have to track my guards down one at a time ever again!

- Smart Owl Technology Saves Time
SecurityAs a Security Professional you understand the unique challenges running and staffing a private security company.  The stress of filling posts for guards who call off, 30 mins before their assignment starts…and the lost revenue from unfulfilled contracts and those missed opportunities for “last minute” jobs when you can’t find staff quick enough.  Now security managers have a new tool to help end the archaic and time consuming manual calling, texting, and emailing required to fill a post or find a guard at the last minute.  Smart security companies are using Babker to free up their time when employees call off and save themselves the stress and hassle of finding the right guard.  No more calls to long lists, no more waiting for people to pickup, and no more calls back after the post has been filled.  One step communication.  No duplicates.  No wasted time.  Simple and reliable, can-do staffing for Security Professionals.

When disaster strikes, I'm able to fill shifts with volunteers across the nation with just one click!

- Faster Than Disaster
A Faster Disaster Faster Than Disaster, a Virtual Operations Support Team, utilizes Babker's Essential Plan to quickly coordinate and mobilize volunteers across the world when disaster strikes. Since there are no logins, passwords, or new accounts to create, Faster Than Disaster team members can respond with Babker even if this is their first event.  Online VOST team members receive email invitations from Emergency Managers via Babker's simple and reliable event manager. This allows the team to focus on information gathering and up-to-the-minute citizen communication, saving both time and lives.

I can get my top staff choices booked every time.

- Thanks to Babker's VIP Mode
Catering Managers Catering managers, Chef's, and event planners use Babker to quickly and easily secure their top talent for every event. With VIP mode you simply set who your best and most reliable contacts are and Babker makes sure to contact them first and give them exclusive access to your event. Great staff know to be on the lookout for the email and text event invitations and managers are always kept up to speed with who's coming and who isn't. Staffing has never been simplier.