How Babker Works
Smart Owl Technology explained
How it Works

Plan Your Team

Babker lets you sort and organize your contacts by availability, skills, or any category imaginable so you can group people the way you think about them. Our VIP feature allows you to decide if you want to send your event message to all your contacts at once or if you’d like to prioritize some contacts with a timed head start getting you your best available.

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Select a Group

Pick the group of contacts that you have created. Your groups are saved so you can use them for future events and there is never any limit on how many different groups you can have.

Set a Time

List a time for your people to show up and let them know how long the event will last. Make sure you let your staff know if they need to arrive early in the description.

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Pick a Place

You have the option of adding a location too. Simply type the address into the box provided and Babker will include an easy map link for all your contacts.

Hit Send!

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Babker Goes to Work For You!

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Babker Sends Invites

Babker quickly and efficiently contacts everyone for you. No more back and forth, no more frustration. Sit back and relax while you let Babker handle everything from here.

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Invites Received

Your contacts quickly receive text messages and emails notifying them of the event and the details you’ve provided.

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Contacts Respond

Since contacts never have to login or remember a new password responses are quick and easy, just two clicks and they can accept or decline. From here Babker takes care of handling all the responses and informing everyone when you don't need any more people.

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Event Staffed!

You get quick and accurate confirmations straight to your inbox! Babker also has an easy to use event manager that keeps track of responses for you.