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General Babker Questions

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General Babker Questions

    • Q: What does Babker do?
    • A:Babker is an online tool that helps you coordinate communication with and responses from your contacts. We're not a schedliing program and we're not a referral service. We're just the simplest and most reliable online tool available specifically designed to help catering managers, event planners, and busy people everywhere save time.

      No more manual texting or e-mailing to reach your staff and no more waiting for replies. With Babker, you just set up an event Invitation and our Smart Owl Technology does the rest.

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    • Q: How does Babker work?
    • A:When you're preparing to staff an event, whether you need servers for a dinner party or an employee to work a special shift, Babker saves you time. You simply login, create a new event Invitation and then our Smart Owl Technology simply takes your events information (description, details, time, date, and location) and converts it into a message delivered by Text Message and E-mail to a group of your contacts.

      In the message there is a short website link that your contacts can respond with, and either Accept or Reject your event Invitation. Those responses are managed by Babker and returned back to you. Babker also knows when to stop staffing your event if you've specified that you only need so many responses. For example, if you invited 20 contacts but only need 4 to staff the event, Babker will tell everyone after the 4th contact accepts that the event is Staffed and that no more help is needed at this time.

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    • Q: How is Babker different from just using my calendar and contacts?
    • A: Manually calling, texting, and e-mailing your contacts wastes time, it's inefficient, and frankly it often becomes frustrating. You have to repeat the same message over and over again. You have to keep track of everyone who said yes, who said no, who you left a message with, and oh yeah did you forget someone?

      With Babker, this bothersome and time-consuming task is made easy, simple, and usually takes less than 30 seconds to setup. You only have to create the event details once and Babker takes care of the rest. Babker sends all the contacts you select an e-mail and a text message with all the event information. When they respond, Babker lets you know and keeps track of their responses on your dashboard too. Even better, when you have enough people for the job, Babker knows. Any contacts who respond after you've already staffed the event are politely informed that the event is flil and that their help isn't needed. You're left with more time, a staffed event, and none of the frustration.

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    • Q: How will I know when a contact replies to my event invitation?
    • A: By defalit whenever a contact responds (either Accepting or Declining) your event Invitation Babker will send you an e-mail and will update the event details on your event manager. You can click the event title at anytime and see who has responded, who has accepted, and who has declined.

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    • Q: Will all of my contacts have to setup a Babker account too? Will they ever have to login?
    • A: No. Our Smart Owl Technology allows your contacts to simply respond and go. There are no logins, no passwords, and no new account for your contacts to have to setup or remember. Any contact with an internet connection and either and e-mail address or a cell phone can received and respond to event Invitations without any account.

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    • Q: How long does it take to setup?
    • A: It usually takes less than 30 minutes to setup up Babker and if you're a Premier Account holder you can get Enhanced Phone and E-mail support to make sure that you're on your way saving time right from the beginning. However, it may take some users longer than 30 minutes. Users with exceptionally large (or very disorganized) lists of contacts may have to spend a little longer organizing their data before uploading it in to Babker. While this might seem like an inconvenience remember that you're investing in hours and days of saved time later.

      If at any time during the setup process you're having any problems or you've got a question, please feel free to check out our How to Setup Babker for Success section of the FAQ here, we also have a small library of setup tutorial videos on our youtube channel here, and you can always contact our support team at You can tweet me with questions too, @LuciOwl.

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    • Q: Wait, just 25 contacts are included? You're kidding right, I have 500 facebook friends and 700 phone numbers in my iPhone.
    • A: While you might know that many people, you likely don't use or communicate with that make people when you're staffing. So jamming all those other contacts in to Babker complicates the system, makes it harder for you to find who you need, and slows you down all of these are not the Babker way.

      Babker works best when you have only the contacts you need in the system. You don't need your mother in Babker unless that's how you plan on seeing if Mom can make it to brunch with the family? You don't need your friends or acquaintances as contacts in Babker the only people you need in Babker are the contacts you use to staff your events. Any other contacts will just get in the way, wasting both your time and money. A streamlined, business oriented, contact list always works best.

      We've found that most of our users have between 20-40 active, actual, contacts that they use to staff their events. Most catering companies that work with us have about 40 servers and bartenders that they use Babker to communicate with. Our security companies usually have about 30 officers and use us primarily when people call off or when they get special last minute jobs. There are also a few Moving Companies that contract with about 20 guys to fill in moving commitments.

      We built our base plans around the small business owner who doesn't have any time at all to waste and who turns the time we save them in to more business and more time with their family. We bundle our contacts in sets of 25 for both convenience and to keep our prices low. Bundling eases our billing system and allows our users the cost savings of annual billing, saving you both time and money.

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Basic Babker 101

    • Q: What is a contact?
    • A: A contact is anyone you know, employ, or might need to reach via Babker. It colid be your employees, your vendors, or even your babysitters. Babker is all about saving you time, so you can setup your contacts to anyone. The only required fields are the contacts First and Last name and either a phone number or an e-mail. Our Essential Plan Users need to remember that they must include an e-mail as they are only able to access Babker's e-mail communication tools.

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    • Q: What is a group?
    • A: One of the first steps in creating an event invitation is to select which group of contacts you want Babker to send it to. Your groups can be any customized sets of contacts. You can name your group whatever you want and it can have as many or as few contacts as you want. And with Babker you can create an unlimited number of groups, so you'll always be ready.

      Some catering companies may have groups like "Servers" or "Bartenders". Or they may choose to be more specific with groups such as "Weekday Servers" or "Daytime Bartenders". Some of our other clients use us to staff for special events and they need people based on their skills, so they use groups like "Commissioned Officer" or "Paramedic". The choice is up to you.

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    • Q: What is an event or event Invitation?
    • A: An event is the term we use for the item or record that is created every time you press send. Sometimes it's an actual event, like when a catering company creates a Babker event for a Wedding Party they need staffed. Sometimes it's a job, like when a security company creates a Babker event to get a guard to come in to fill in for someone who called in sick. We even have one user who creates a Babker event whenever they get a new Sales Lead in and then dispatches that lead, via Babker, to their sales team, the first contact (salesperson) to accept the lead, get's to keep it.

      So "events" don't have to be actual events. An event Invitation is simply the term we use for the communication between Babker and your contacts that is conveyed via text message and/or e-mail.

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    • Q: What is How Many?
    • A: How many is a variable of an event Invitation. You set in How Many How Many contacts you need for the particliar event. Hosting a dinner party and need two cocktail servers, but you've got 10 in your group? No problem, simply tell Babker How Many you need and once that many contacts have Accepted, your event will be booked and Babker will handle thanking everyone else but letting them know the event is already taken care of.

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    • Q: What is VIP Mode?
    • A: VIP Mode is without a doubt one of the best features of Babker's Smart Owl Technology. With VIP Babker sends your event invitation based on a hierarchy and order that you setup. You can choose how long of a delay you want and you can even send your event invitations out to mlitiple contacts at once and then wait before contacting more people.

      I also made a video that explains VIP Mode in greater detail, check it out here.

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    • Q: What is BLAST Mode?
    • A: Blast Mode sends your event invitation to every contact in the group that you selected at the same time. This mode ignores any VIP hierarchy that you may have setup in the group and just BLASTS the event invitation as soon as you press send. Lots of our Babker clients use Blast mode when they need to get responses in a hurry, like when they're trying to fill a shift for an employee who suddenly called off. Blast mode is simple, easy, and a reliable way of getting your event staffed fast.

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    • Q: How do I set the length of time on the WHEN popup box?
    • A: All the world of Babker operates on Smart Owl Time. So, instead of spinning wheels like a mouse, (Owl's eat mice) you simply type 3h to stand for “3 hours”. The same coding works for minutes (m) or days (d).

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    • Q: What is my event Manager screen? What's the event Dashboard? And what is the event Manager Box?
    • A: Event Manager
      Event Dashboard

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    • Q: What is the Left Navigation Bar?
    • A:The Left Navigation Bar is the set of links located on the left side of your screen below your profile picture. It is always visible no matter what page of Babker you're on. Left Navigation

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    • Q: What happens when none of my contacts Accept the event Invitation?
    • A:Ooooh burn. Well in the very unlikely event that nobody steps up and accepts the event Babker will let you know with a "event Failed" e-mail and will move your event from the "Pending" status and place it in "Failed" status. Perhaps you need to increase the size of the group you're inviting? Or you might need to add a special bonus in the details to entice your contacts? The good news though is that thanks to Babker's Unlimited events you can always create another event Invitation, with more contacts or a better deal, without being charged.

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    • Q: What happens when I don't get enough Accepts to meet the number I specified in "How Many"?
    • A:If you've specified a number in How Many greater than one and you no longer have enough contacts left in the group you picked for the event, who haven't responded, then your event will go in to Failed status. You will receive an e-mail notification, however any contact or contacts who had accepted the event will not. This way you can re-send out a new event invitation with a lower How Many, without disrupting the contacts who have already accepted the event.

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    • Q: How do I cancel an event invitation?
    • A:To cancel an event all you have to do is click the small X in the top right hand corner of the event Details Box on your Dashboard, a confirmation box will pop up and when you click confirm the event will momentarily disappear.

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How To Setup Babker for Success

    • Q: How do I set up Babker for the first time?
    • A:Setting up Babker is just like using Babker, it's simple and quick! To properly setup your Babker account you'll need to complete these steps:

      • Setup your Profile including (click Account -> Profile)
        • Confirming your First and Last name is correct and how you want them to appear.
        • Adding your contact Phone Number
        • Setting your County and State location.
        • Setting your time zone.
        • Adding a Profile Picture to represent your company on all event Invitations.
      • Setting up for Babker Account Management Settings (click Account -> Settings)
        • Setup your defalit Wait Time for VIP, we recommend leaving it at 0m
          • E-mail settings
            • Setup what Name you'd like Babker to display for all event Invitations sent via e-mail.
            • Setup what E-mail address you'd like Babker to display for all event Invitation sent via e-mail.

      I've made a quick tutorial video to help you get Babker setup for the first time that you can watch right here.

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    • Q: How can I change my Profile information?
    • A:Once you've logged into Babker, click Account in the top right and select Profile. Here you can change or setup your name, contact phone number, time zone, and change your password.

      You can also change your Profile picture here. Your profile picture appears on every event invitation e-mail and on the contact response pages too. Be sure to use something the represents your company well, logos work well, but it's your choice, be creative they're your employees you're contacting after all.

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    • Q: How do I set my time zone?
    • A:You can edit your time zone under Accounts -> Profile. From here, go to the Time Zone section on the Profile page.

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    • Q: How do I setup my contacts?
    • A:There are two ways to setup your contacts in Babker. One way is to use our super easy contact uploader. You can read my FAQ answer here or you can just skip ahead and watch this video on how to use the uploader. The other way to input contacts is by using our Add contact Tool. Just click "contacts" on the left navigation bar and then click the "New contact" button.

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    • Q: Do I have to upload a picture for every contact?
    • A:No, uploading a picture is optional. The only required information for your contacts is their first name, last name, and either an e-mail address or a phone number. Essential Plan Users need to remember that they must include an e-mail as they are only able to access Babker's e-mail communication tools..

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    • Q: How do I upload contacts from a CSV?
    • A:Uploading contacts is super easy with the Babker CSV (comma delimited) importer. You can download our sample .CSV file here.

      When you're filling it out just make sure you put your data in the following order:

      • [Columan A] First Name (Required)
      • [Columan B] Last Name (Required)
      • [Columan C] E-mail (Either Phone or E-mail required)
      • [Columan D] Phone Number (Either Phone or E-mail required)
      • [Columan E] Notes (optional)
      CSV Template

      And remember these basic rules:

        • Phone Numbers can be in any of the following formats (must include area code):

        512-444-5555, 5124445555, (512)4445555, 512 444 5555
      • Do not change column headers (Input your first contact in row 2
      • Save your file as .csv before uploading them
      • Use the notes section for tags eg: availability, location, skill set.

      For more help you can watch this video, "How to Upload contacts" by @LuciOwl.

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    • Q: How do I create a group?
    • A:Just click "groups" on the left navigation bar and then click the "Create group" button. On the next screen you simply name your group and then click "Save group". Babker will then list all of your contacts.

      If you already know who you want to add to the group, just click the check box to the left of their name, and once you've selected everyone click "Add Selected contacts".

      Contact Search

      You can also use our Smart Owl Technology to dynamically search your contacts by any of the tags that you've setup. This allows you to search for "Drivers" or "Weekends" or whatever you decided to tag you contacts with. You can now pick which contacts you want from that search just click the check box to the left of their name or you can use the "Select All" option on the top right. Once you've selected your contacts from this search you can search again to select more for this group or if you're done you can just click "Add Selected contacts"

      After you click "Add Selected contacts" you'll be taken to the group Manager screen. Your group is now ready. You can stay on this screen and setup your group for VIP (which is explained here) or if you're ready to create an event just click "New event".

      For more information about Creating groups you can watch this tutorial.

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    • Q: How do I setup my groups for VIP Mode?
    • A:This is really easy to do not so easy to just type up why don't you check out this video instead? I call it "How do I setup my groups for VIP Mode".

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    • Q: How do I add contacts to an existing group?
    • A:If you've already created a group and you'd like to add more contacts to it, say because you just hired someone new, just click "groups" on the left navigation bar. Select which group you'd like to add the contact or contacts to. Then click the "Add More" text on the top right. Add More Then you can either find the contact or contacts that you wish to add OR you can use the search bar.

      FYI-Babker will only display contacts not already in this group.

      Then just click the check box to the left of the contacts that you wish to add. Then click the "Add to an existing group" button and you're done. Babker will take you back to the group Manager screen. Your group is ready to go.

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    • Q: How do I personalize my event invitations sent via Babker?
    • A:Currently this feature is only available to our Corporate Enterprise account holders. If you're a Premier Account holder and are interested in personalized company e-mails please contact our general customer information team at for assistance.

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Billing Questions

    • Q: How much does Babker cost?
    • A:We offer three affordable plans that can fit in to any budget.

      Our basic plan is the Essential Plan it is just $7.00 a month, billed annually. This plan is great for small businesses just starting out that need a simple and reliable solution to help them coordinate events and staff. We include an unlimited number of events, groups, and E-mails. like all of our plans 25 contacts are included. You can add more contacts in bundles of 25 for an additional $50 a year. The Essential Plan does not include any text messaging. This plan is well suited for Wedding Planners and Booking Agents who don't need rapid speed of text messaging when staffing their events.

      Our best plan is the Premier Annual Plan. It's just $17.00 a month, billed annually. This plan includes everything the Essential Plan offers plus it adds unlimited Text Messaging as well our Enhanced Phone & E-mail Support, and a 2nd Shared User Account which is great for managers who have assistants or other supervisors who might need access to the Babker system. Our Enhanced Phone & E-mail Support teams are available to help walk you through every step in the Babker setup process and can even help reformat stubborn files or lists of contacts for easy uploading. Just contact and we'll be in touch. like all of our plans the Premier Annual Plan includes 25 contacts and you can add additional contacts in bundles of 25 for just $50 annually.

      We also offer a Monthly Version of our Premier Plan for $30.00 a month. It's a great alternative for seasonal companies or companies who want to try Babker out without the annual investment. The monthly Premier Plan includes unlimited Text Messaging, E-mail, events, and groups. As with all of our plans, 25 contacts are included, additional contacts on the Monthly Premier Plan only are available in bundles of 25 for $5.00 a month.

      Our sales team is ready to answer any questions that you might have about our plans or our Corporate & Enterprise custom solutions. You don't have to a Fortune 500 company to qualify for an Enterprise custom solution, you just have to have a need that our plans don't flifill. We also offer custom API integration development. Feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to help.

      Babker Sales Team
      (512) 715 - 4OWL (4695)

      Babker API/Corporate/Enterprise Solutions Team

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    • Q: How many text messages or e-mails can I send? Are there any overage charges?
    • A:If you're an Essential or Premier Account holder you will never be charged for using Babker too much. All of our plans include unlimited e-mails and both of our Premier Plans include unlimited text messages.

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    • Q: Can I just try Babker without giving you my credit card?
    • A:We offer an industry competitive 14-day free trial for any of our popliar plans. Your credit card will NOT be charged until the trial period is over. You can cancel any time before the trial period expires and you won't be charged a cent. We require the credit card as a means of validating you as an authentic user and preventing our Smart Owl Technology from falling in to the hands of evil spammers who seek to do evil. We are also very confident that once you've used Babker you won't be able to go back to the old archaic manual way ever again. If you need help setting your account up please feel free to contact our sales team at, 512-715-4OWL (4965), or you can tweet us @BabkerOwl.

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    • Q: Why do you bill annually?
    • A:TAnnual Billing helps us keep our prices low. Monthly billing is expensive, inconvenient, and frankly it wastes time. It saves time for you, saves time for us, and best of all it saves you money.

      For our users who must have monthly billing we do offer our Monthly Premier Plan for $30.00 with additional contacts bundled in sets of 25 for $5.00 a month. However we encourage you consider the incredible savings of the Annual edition of the Premier Plan which, over the course of 12 months, can save you over $150.00.

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    • Q: Why do you bundle your contacts in sets of 25? Can I add them one at a time?
    • A:We built our base plans around the small business owner who doesn't have any time at all to waste and who turns the time we save them in to more business and more time with their family. We bundle our contacts in sets of 25 for both convenience and to keep our prices low. Bundling eases our billing system and allows our users the cost savings of annual billing, saving you both time and money.

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    • Q: What payment methods do you accept?
    • A:We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

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    • Q: Can I pay with a Check Card?
    • A:You can pay with any valid check card that has either a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or JCB logo.

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    • Q: Can I pay with a checking account?
    • A:Yes, as long as you're paying with a valid check card, linked to your checking account, that has either a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or JCB logo. I'm an Owl, so yeah, I've got jokes. We cannot accept payments by check or invoice at this time for Essential or Premier Accounts. API, Corporate, or Enterprise users can contact our sales team to discussing customized individual billing options and payments.

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    • Q: How do I cancel my Babker auto-billing subscription?
    • A:For your convenience Babker is setup to automatically bill the credit card on file when your subscription runs out (either Annually or Monthly). If you wolid like to cancel the auto-billing simply click on Account -> Subscription and then scroll down and click the red Unsubscribe button. Confirm that you want to disable auto-billing and unsubscribe, by clicking submit.

      Auto-billing is now disabled. Your account will continue to function until the subscription that you've already paid for expires. If you have any questions please contact our billing team at

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    • Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about a charge?
    • A:If you have any questions about any billing charges please contact our billing team immediately, your satisfaction is our top concern and we promise to respond to any billing related questions within 1 business day. You can reach the billing team at Please be sure to include your primary account holders e-mail address, the best phone number to reach you at, and a complete description of the billing question. We will respond to all billing concerns via e-mail with 1 business day and if possible with also follow up with a live phone call to answer any additional questions.

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Troubleshooting & Support

  • Q: What sholid I do if I've forgotten my password?
  • A:If you have forgotten your password please visit our password recovery page. If for some reason you're still having issues please contact our support team at You can also trying tweeting me @LuciOwl, sometimes I'm up late and can help.

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  • Q: I'm using OpenOffice why isn't your CSV file working?
  • A:When you initially open the sample .CSV file please make sure that you setup the file with only the COMMA delimited box checked. Your screen sholid look like this:


    If you're still having problems, please feel free to contact or you can try to tweet me @LuciOwl, I'm sometimes available to help.

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  • Q: Why does the CSV Uploader say "The CSV document is empty or has a bad filename"?
  • A:The CSV filename sholid have NO SPACES. Check you CSV file it may not have any contacts in it.

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  • Q: Can I change the number that Babker sends text messages from?
  • A:Unfortunately no. At this time our SMS Text technology can only display Babker's personal Owl Cave line (512) 402 - 6572 on the Text Messages. But I've made to sure include that in my "We're using Babker" FAQ for contacts sheet. I strongly encourage you send this out to anyone that you plan on using as a contact in Babker so they know what to do when they get an e-mail or a text message about one of your very important events.

    You can download the "We're using Babker" FAQ for contacts here.

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  • Q: How do I delete my Babker account?
  • A:Please contact our support team at for assistance.

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  • Q: I need help! Who can I call?
  • A:The entire Babker team is committed to making your experience simple and reliable. If you're having a technical issue with Babker please thoroughly document what's going on and/or what you want Babker to do that it's not doing and send that information via e-mail to Our technical support team will respond back to you within 1 business day. If it's something simple, or if you feel like you need a more immediate response please feel free to send me a tweet @LuciOwl and I'll try to be in touch as soon as I can. But please, always send the e-mail with as many details as possible. Also be sure to include your primary account holders e-mail address and the best phone number to reach you at.

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